Crisis Programs

 Daily Bread

Donor Designated for Fiscal Year 2021          
Big Island Emergency Crew  $               581.28   Annual donor-designated grant
Big Island Volunteer Fire Department  $               581.28   Annual donor-designated grant
Blue Ridge Area Food Bank  $            2,038.25   Annual donor-designated grant
Boonsboro Volunteer Fire and Rescue  $               706.50   Annual donor-designated grant
CASA of Central Virginia  $            2,903.00   Annual donor-designated grant
Lake Christian Ministries, Inc.  $               365.25   Annual donor-designated grant
Lynchburg Community Action Group  $               358.00   Annual donor-designated grant
Lynchburg Daily Bread, Inc.  $            1,925.80   Annual donor-designated grant
Miriam's House  $          91,078.00   Annual donor-designated grant
The Salvation Army  $            2,038.25   Annual donor-designated grant
United Way of Central Virginia  $          17,756.00   Annual donor-designated grant
YWCA of Central Virginia  $            6,817.00   Annual donor-designated grant
Spring 2021 Competitive Grant Cycle      
Blue Ridge Area Food Bank  $           2,850.00   For program support
Blue Ridge Area Food Bank  $         10,500.00   Agency Capicity Fund
Children's Advocacy Center Serving Central Virginia - Children's Trust  $           3,500.00   General program support
Hospital Hospitality House of Richmond, Inc. (The Doorways)  $           3,000.00   Patient and Family Access Program
Lynchburg Beacon of Hope  $         18,500.00   Creating the Pipeline to Workforce High School Future Centers College Programs
Lynchburg Daily Bread, Inc.  $           2,500.00   Plymale Foundation
Park View Community Mission  $         18,750.00   Food for Thought Snacks and Hygiene Items
Take My Hand Ministries, Inc.  $           6,000.00   2021 Assistance to those struggling with poverty
The Bridge Ministry, Inc.  $           8,600.00   Substance Abuse Program
United Way of Central Virginia  $           4,000.00   Dolly Parton Imagination Library
YWCA of Central Virginia  $           1,400.00   Plymale Foundation
Fall 2021 Competitive Grant Cycle      
American Red Cross of the Blue Ridge  $           8,000.00   Blood Saves Lives:  Collecting/Testing/Distributing Blood in Central VA
American Red Cross of the Blue Ridge  $           4,000.00   To provide funding for Blood Saves Lives
Blue Ridge Area Food Bank  $           4,000.00   To provide funding for centralized food distribution to area meal provision agencies such as Daily Bread
Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center  $         14,223.00   To provide general program support
CASA of Central Virginia  $           3,000.00   PLYMALE FOUNDATION
CASA of Central Virginia  $           8,000.00   Pre-Service Training for CASA Volunteers
Gleaning for the World  $           8,000.00   Helping Our Neighbors Program
Kids' Haven  $           4,400.00   Kids' Haven:  A grief Support Camp
Lake Christian Ministries, Inc.  $         13,000.00   Healthy Food, Crisis Financial Assistance New Tomorrows Program
Lynchburg Beacon of Hope  $           5,850.50   To provide general program support
Lynchburg Beacon of Hope  $           1,714.00   To support Kids to College Program
Lynchburg Daily Bread, Inc.  $           3,450.00   For program support
Lynchburg Daily Bread, Inc.  $           3,000.00   PLYMALE FOUNDATION
Lynchburg Daily Bread, Inc.  $         17,649.00   Sustaining Daily Bread for Decades to Come
Miriam's House  $         12,443.00   Magnolia Street Supportive Housing Kitchen Renovation
Park View Community Mission  $           3,000.00   To provide funding for food and essential supplies for low income families
The Salvation Army  $           1,000.00   To provide transition support for the homeless
United Way of Central Virginia  $           2,500.00   Technology Upgrade

It's Our Mission

The principal mission of The Community Foundation is to enhance the quality of life in the communities served by the establishment of permanent endowments for the cities of Lynchburg and Bedford and the counties of Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford and Campbell, with income distributed annually to charitable organizations within the community.

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