Types of Funds

The Community Foundation offers a variety of funds to provide you with a tailored giving experience. We would be happy to discuss these funds and their related forms in more detail with you. Once executed, your fund agreement becomes the guiding document to ensure that your intentions are followed.

A gift of $10,000.00 or more can be used to establish a named fund at The Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation. All donations upon acceptance become completed gifts to The Foundation for legal and tax purposes. Grants are not made from a fund until the fund value has reached $10,000.

Smaller gifts to “acorn funds” can be accumulated under The Foundation’s procedures and used to establish a named fund with annual disbursements after the total aggregate gift attains $10,000.00. Contact The Community Foundation office for more information of this type of fund.

One of the four trustee banks will serve as investment manager unless you choose a particular trustee bank or investment manager. If you have a preference of investment manager and you have chosen to place your fund with one of our four trustee banks, please use the “GLCF” forms. If you will be using one of our investment managers, please use the “GLCF, Inc.” forms. See our Establishing a Fund section for more information.

Donor Designated Fund

At the time of establishing a fund the donor may name the organization(s) or institution(s) to be its beneficiaries.

documentdownload Donor Designated Form – GLCF

documentdownload Donor Designated Form – GLCF, Inc.

Donor Advised Fund

The donor may from time to time suggest specific grants to be made from his/her fund. Please see the Donor Advised Funds page for more information on this type of fund.

documentdownload Donor Advisor Guidelines

documentdownload Donor-Advised Form - GLCF

documentdownload Donor-Advised Form – GLCF, Inc.

Field Of Interest Fund

The donor specifies area(s) of interest (youth, elderly, education, arts, medical, etc.) to be supported by the fund. These funds provide income for grants made by the Distribution Committee in response to requests from area non-profit organizations.

documentdownload Field of Interest Form – GLCF

documentdownload Field of Interest Form – GLCF, Inc.

Scholarship Fund

Enables donor to establish an endowment to fund annual scholarships. Please see our scholarship guidelines for more information on these funds. You may also refer to the Scholarship area for more detail.

documentdownload Scholarship Guidelines

documentdownload Scholarship Form – GLCF

documentdownload Scholarship Form – GLCF, Inc.


Temporary Fund

Funds created when assets are delivered to The Foundation with the expectation that principal will ultimately be distributed for charitable purposes.

documentdownload Temporary Fund Guidelines

documentdownload Temporary Fund Form – GLCF

documentdownload Temporary Fund Form – GLCF, Inc.

Unrestricted Fund

Contributions made with no restriction provide income for grants made by the Distribution Committee in response to requests from area non-profit organizations.

documentdownload Unrestricted Form – GLCF

documentdownload Unrestricted Form – GLCF, Inc.

If you have questions regarding any of these forms, please contact our office for assistance. Once you have completed the form and are ready to establish a fund, please forward the original document and a signed copy of the "How Does Your New Fund Work" form to our office.

documentdownload How Does Your New Fund Work?

It's Our Mission

The principal mission of The Community Foundation is to enhance the quality of life in the communities served by the establishment of permanent endowments for the cities of Lynchburg and Bedford and the counties of Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford and Campbell, with income distributed annually to charitable organizations within the community.

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