The Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and gratefully accepts donations to the following: 

  • unrestricted gifts that benefit our general endowment, which creates grants for local nonprofits
  • gifts designated for a specific fund that already exists here at the GLCF
  • gifts that will endow a new fund here at the GLCF


Including checks, wire transfers and credit card transactions, and appreciated stock.  

Checks may be mailed to: The Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation, 1100 Commerce Street, Lynchburg, VA 24504. 

Online gifts may be made here

Stock Gifts

Giving shares of appreciated stock bonds, mutual funds, and other securities may be an especially tax-wise way to make a gift. Be sure to consult with your financial advisor. 

1. Call or email the Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation to notify us of your imminent gift. Please provide the number of shares, name of the stock, and approximate value, and how you would like to designate your gift.
2. Notify your broker that you are giving securities to the Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation. Your broker will transfer the stock into our investment account using the following information:

Wells Fargo Bank
DTC Participant # 2027
Agent Bank ID #94866
Ref: Account Name - Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation
Account Number – 5019004617

Life Insurance

If you no longer have dependents to support via your life insurance policy, consider assigning the Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation as the beneficiary of the policy. The GLCF will receive the cash proceeds upon death of the insured, and there may be tax benefits of this type of gift. Please consult your financial advisor for details. 


You may establish a fund or contribute to an existing fund through a simple bequest in your will. You may designate a percentage of your estate, a specific dollar amount, or the residue of your estate to The Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation. Please let us know that you have named the GLCF in your estate plans, so that we may recognize you in our Legacy Society. If you plan to endow a new fund via your estate, please contact our office today so that we may understand and document your wishes. 

See our Sample Bequest Language section for more information.

Charitable Gift Annuity

A "CGA" allows you to receive a current charitable income tax deduction and retain an income for life. Please call our office to learn more and to check your eligibility. 

Charitable Remainder Trust

You can establish this type of trust in order to obtain a current income tax deduction as well as other tax benefits while retaining income payments for yourself or other beneficiaries. The Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation will receive the residuary amount upon your death and will use these proceeds to establish a named fund according to your directive.

Charitable Lead Trust

This form of trust allows you to contribute annual payments to the Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation over a specified period of time to be used in establishing a named fund according to your directions. This form of trust is appropriate for substantial gifts intended to shelter the appreciation of assets from estate taxes while providing payments to The Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation.

Other Gifts

Please contact our office if you plan to donate closely held stock, property, or real estate. Our gift acceptance policies will determine how and if we are able to accept this type of gift. 

Private Foundation Transfer

Many trustees of private foundations have found that the demands of administering and making grants has become burdensome and costly. Assets of the private foundation may be transferred to the GLCF, and a fund in the same name can be established. The former adminstrator(s) of the private foundation can bee freed from the administrative burdens but continues as an advisor to the fund.

Click here for more information on comparing community foundations to private foundations.

We encourage you to discuss this information with your professional advisor, as this information is general and is not intended as legal advice.

 Our Gift Acceptance Policy is available upon request. 

It's Our Mission

The Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation works to solve our community’s greatest challenges by providing grants and scholarships, and by helping individuals, families, and organizations create their charitable legacy.

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