We are proud to announce that the second Century Fund Grant for $100,000 has been awarded to Camp Kum-Ba-Yah! 

Camp Kum-Ba-Yah, located in the heart of Lynchburg, was founded by Reverend Bev Cosby in 1950 as a space for the children of the Lynchburg community to play together in a safe environment.

With a focus on connection and community through outdoor experiences, Camp Kum-Ba-Yah has greatly improved our Lynchburg community. The Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation looks forward to seeing how Camp Kum-Ba-Yah will continue to bring the community of Lynchburg closer together.

greater lynchburg community foundation awards century fund grants

About Camp Kum-Ba-Yah

The camp provides a variety of activities for all children including swimming, hiking, canoeing, archery, and more. These activities help children explore the outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature. 

Camp Kum-Ba-Yah has been a huge part of bringing the community of Lynchburg together through outdoor experiences. In 1961, Camp Kum-Ba-Yah became the first community pool in Lynchburg to be fully integrated, and their Café at the Lodge of the Fisherman was the first integrated eatery in Lynchburg. Since then, Camp Kum-Ba-Yah has continued to connect the people of the Lynchburg community from all different economic statuses, religions, races, and cultures.

Camps & More

GLCF century fund grant award

Camp Kum-ba-yah not only offers a summer camp, but also year-round programs so that youth throughout the community can continue to stay involved. These programs include:

  • School Programs: Camp Kum-Ba-Yah offers a variety of educational programs for students Pre-K through Middle School. These school programs allow kids to experience the outdoors while also learning about ways to take care of the outdoors like gardening and recycling.
  • Team Building: Camp Kum-Ba-Yah offers team building experiences for teams, co-workers, students, and more. The outdoor landscape of Camp Kum-Ba-Yah offers a great background to a critical growing experience for your team.
  • Family Nature Club: Families can visit Camp Kum-Ba-Yah and experience the outdoors together, while also meeting other families. This is a great way to spend time with your family and grow closer together outdoors.
  • Young Buds: This program allows children to experience nature and explore their curiosity through stories, games, and outdoor exploration. Young Buds provides a unique outdoor experience for children 3 to 5 years old.
  • Kinderwoods: This experience allows children to experience nature based on their own interests. The program includes experiences with bone yard digging, den building, and mud kitchen. Children will grow in their ability to problem solve and work with others through the Kinderwoods program.


About the Century Fund Grant

The Century Fund Grant is awarded to a non-profit in the greater Lynchburg area dedicated to making a transformational, lasting impact. The grant is awarded annually and is separate from the normal grant cycle. The deadline for applications is in February and the recipient is announced in June. We look forward to continuing to award this grant to one of the amazing non-profits in the Lynchburg area.

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